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February 12, 2018

How to Pick the Perfect Cigar Size

I’m sure this has happened to some of cigar smokers, when you presented with a beautiful box of cigars and you stare down clueless at what to choose. Cigars have many brands and they also have different sizes and lengths so it can be difficult to decide what is right for you. Thankfully, Mr. Roman Ripoll of Tabaqueria to come up with a really useful guide on how to choose the right cigar for the right occasion.   There are so many cigar sizes. How do you know which one to pick?   From the wide variety of cigar shapes and sizes most people will always wonder what size would best suit them. First of all, the art of cigar […]
January 11, 2018

About Tobacco – FAQ

Due to laws strictly forbidding the display of tobacco products in public please contact THE SESSION or login here if you are interested in our products. TOBACCO Our tobacco is fine-cut tobacco and can be used with roll your own cigarettes or with pipes. There are two main types of tobacco, roll your own (RYO) and pipe tobacco. These two types are from the same plant, but differ in appearance, moisture, and scent. If you’ve never tried both types you may not be able to tell a difference. However, each type has its own unique characteristics.   Q: How much does your tobacco cost? How do you sell it?  In grams or packs? A: For rolling tobacco, used with rolling […]
January 9, 2018

The Common Cause of Pipes Breakage and How to Prevent it

The Common Cause of Pipes Breakage and How to Prevent it. It’s common when something that you always carry and use all the time gets broken. Pipes or tobacco pipes are things smokers frequently use. Besides using the hands to touch the pipe while smoking, a lot of times pipe smokers simply hold the pipe in their mouth between the lips as well. Without a doubt, given time these habits can cause the pipe to wear-out or break. From talking to many customers who love smoking pipes, we have collected what are common causes of pipes breaking and the symptoms often found. In order to prevent breakage from happening and maintain your favorite pipe to last longer we have put […]

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