Pipe Accessories

Pipe Accessories
Pipe tools- To talk about pipe tool, first thing that usually come up in mind is a 3 in 1 tool using for tamping/pressing, picking and empty tobacco pipe.
Tamper – shape like top of nail for, use during to final packing tobacco process and during smoking process when relight fire.
Pick – shape like dull pin, use during smoking process when tobacco inside pipe bowl get too tight and hard to smoke.
Reamer – shape like a spoon or dull pen knife, use to scrap tobacco or left over(unburned) ash after finished smoking pipe.
This item is necessary for smoking pipe because it’s got to use in smoking process from the beginning to end. This 3 in 1 tool is common use in general but there are also individual designed tamper and reamer as well.
Yet, We also have more interesting items for pipe smoking lovers such as pipe covers for windy days.

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