Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaner- Pipe cleaner is a tool for cleaning up pipe after smoke. This long brush stick with metal wire as a core would absorb tar oil and nicotine inside mouthpiece thoroughly.
Type of pipe cleaner

1. Conic pipe cleaner – regular pipe cleaner, regularly come with white color, one end bigger than another fits with all pipe.

2. Brush pipe cleaner – thicker than the first one. Mostly also have one end bigger than another fits with pipe with wider pipe stem, highly suggest using with 9mm filter pipe.

3. Bristle pipe cleaner – similar to regular pipe cleaner but along the brush, there are many mini plastic stick along like spike, helpful for those who have not got to clean up pipes for quite a while.

In order to level up the cleaning up process, dip pipe cleaner into alcohol for pipe (or any alcohol for drinking) then use it to clean up mouthpiece. For more effective in cleaning process and hygenic, please do not use pipe cleaner more than one.

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