Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers are made from thin and lightweight fibers such as hemp, flaxseed, rice, etc. Available in both long and short lengths the rolling papers will have a glue strip on one edge. The papers can be transparent allowing you to see through them. Some have colors, designs or even flavors and aromas.

Nowadays, the rolling papers’ weight is approximately 12 – 28 g/m2.

Quick tips for selecting rolling papers

Rolling papers length – The standard size of a cigarette is typically measured at 85 mm long. The sizes of popular rolling papers on the market are 70mm, 79mm, and 110mm. There are also rolls a couple meters long that you can design how long you want your rolling papers to be.

Rolling papers thickness – Even with the same dimension, rolling papers still come in various levels of thicknesses. It all depends on your smoking preference.

Use Cut corners Paper if you use a cigarette rolling machine. The type of rolling papers is indicated on the papers.

“Cut Corners” have 2 cut corners making feeding the paper in the machine a lot easier. Less paper is wadded up at the end when using these papers and a machine.

Unique rolling papers – Rolling papers not only come in standard classic white papers, but are also offered in a variety of qualities such as transparent, aroma, colorful pictures or design or rolling papers made from Hemp. The thick brown color and texture is just like Blunt Wraps.

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