Cigarette Holders

Cigarette Filter

The benefit of a cigarette filter is in helping screen Tar and Nicotine from the cigarette and prevents odor being left on your hand after smoking. For smokers who wish to smoke less, besides cutting down the number of cigarettes, using filters reduces the particulate smoke components entering the body. There are many types of cigarette filter and each one has different usage depending on the smokers’ need.

The easiest way to explain each type of cigarette filters.

Disposable Cigarette Filter and Reusable Cigarette Filter.
They are mainly sold in boxes. Each box contains multiple filters. In most cases each filter will usually last for 5 – 12 cigarettes.

Cigarette Filters with Different Internal Filter Systems.
Each type of filter has a different filtering system depending on their design. Some brands such as TABACON, TILTIL MITIL and HERB, are made of materials similar to actual cigarette filters but are longer for more efficient purification. These cigarette filters work by using a striking technique to capture tar and nicotine. Inside these filters are a series of small holes the smoke can pass through. When smokers take a puff the holes in the filter are large enough to let air and smoke through, but small enough to catch and prevent chunks of tar and nicotine from going into your lung. Other filters have micro-silica rubbed into the filters’ extension to adsorb tar and any harmful ingredients from smoking.

The Short and Long Cigarette Holder.
More than just filtering device, some users consider using this type of filter because of its design. Short cigarette holders are not as noticeable as longer ones. Some use cigarette holders as a fashion accessory.

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